​Cypress Canyon Publishing is a one-stop shop for all of your publishing and marketing needs. We are a young imprint looking to develop relationships with new and exciting authors in a variety of genres – both fiction and non-fiction.

Traditional Publishing –
Send us your polished manuscript. If we fall in love with your work, we will offer you a contract for publishing it. We cover all expenses of editing, creating a book jacket, marketing and much more. Plus, we pay some of the highest royalties in the industry.

Manuscript Polishing –
If your manuscript is complete, but not quite polished, send it to us before you spend money on online editorial services. If we love your story, we can work with you on the copy editing process. We know that every author is different and every manuscript is unique, this is why one of our managing editors will review your manuscript, absolutely for free.  

In both instances, we transform your manuscript into a book that can be enjoyed and shared across various platforms.

PLEASE NOTE: Be wary of paid-to-publish vanity publishers. These publishers make their money from charging desperate authors outrageous fees, for books they know likely won’t sell more than a dozen copies to the family and friends of the author. There are significant costs in bringing a book to market and helping it become a commercial success. If your publisher is willing to give up a huge portion of standard royalties (or all royalties), this should be your first indication that they don’t anticipate selling a lot of copies of your book.