Cypress Canyon Publishing is pleased to announce our upcoming title – Corpse Artiste by Selina Marcille.

Corpse Artiste is at YA fantasy/paranormal mystery by Selina Marcille. I call it – A literary Scooby Doo!

Eunice Griggs does not want to spend the summer working in her family’s mortuary, but her parents give her no other choice. Dead bodies and the smell of formaldehyde is not what she was looking forward to the summer before her senior year.

Despite her hatred at first, she quickly finds her calling as makeup artist for the dead. With the summer coming to a close, she is looking forward to finishing her job and celebrating with friends as she tries to grab the attention of Shawn Linden.

But when a body goes missing on her watch, Eunice is racing against time to get it back, lest a zombie outbreak be her fault. 

Keep your eyes open for pre-order information for this fun title that’ll keep you guessing until the very end!

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