Here at Cypress Canyon Publishing our primary goal is simple – to help writers realize their dreams of becoming published authors. Whether that entails publishing your book with us, another publisher, or self-publishing, we want to help.

This is where the Next Level Creative Writing Series comes in!

The Next Level Creative Writing Series focuses on creative writing topics all writers should be focused on. Whether you’re a new writer just starting your writing journey or you’re a seasoned author with dozens of titles under your belt, everyone can take their writing to the next level.

Each book in the series is hyper-focused on a singular topic. Released as e-books and available through Kindle Unlimited, these are affordable titles for everyone, so everyone can improve their writing skills.

The first two titles in the series have been released:

*  Writing Characters Readers Care About takes you step-by-step through the character development process. This is a workbook. Each chapter, we explore a specific character development topic, followed by character development exercises to work through. By the end of the book, you will have a fully-fledged character, full of depth and emotion and purpose and motivation—a character your readers will care about.

*  Christmas Writing Prompts for Creative Writers is a collection of over 370 Christmas-themed writing prompts to spark your imagination, get you unstuck from writer’s block, and to hone your writing skills. This isn’t just another writing prompt word list! These prompts also include multi-media prompts, including pictures, sounds and even videos!

Future titles will cover topics including:

* Crafting Believable Dialogue

* Creating Story Conflict*

* World Building

* Immersing Your Readers in Your Setting

* Overcoming Writer’s Block

* and more!

We will also have titles geared specifically to some of the most popular genres, including:

* Romance

* Cozy Mystery

* Fantasy

* and Sci-Fi

You can purchase the Next Level Creative Writing Series titles exclusively on

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