Happy Book Birthday to Hunters: The Wanderers’ War Book 1!

We all know the story of the kid who goes on a magical adventure only to return with a newfound appreciation for his family and home. But that’s not how the story always goes, right?

Jac Torres went on her magical adventure a decade ago, as a pre-teen. When she returned, she was told she had had a psychotic break. Miserable for a decade, she now relies on meds to dull the memory of the only place she ever felt like was home and the feeling of magic in her veins.

When she has a chance to return to the place where she felt whole, she learns the Map was larger than she thought, her traveling companion, at best, is a manipulative liar, and for some reason people keep trying to kill her.

Available NOW! in eBook and paperback!

Finn and Jac Hunters Caity Schmidt art

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