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We all read the stories about the kid that went on a magical adventure, and came back with a new appreciation for their home, but that’s not how that story really ends, is it?

With four months left on probation, Jac has long accepted that she had a psychotic break as a pre-teen and invented a magical adventure of her own. She welcomes the meds that keep her from thinking about Braora, and tries to ignore the tingle of remembered magic. She checks off boxes and counts down to the day she can escape from the reminders of the mental illness that have plagued her for a decade. Now, if her new therapist would stop bitching at her to talk about what never happened, she could stop fantasizing about breaking probation.

And his nose.

Ten years after the adventure that wasn’t, at her lowest point, she risks everything, and steps through a portal on the sliver of hope that she might get to go back. But the map is far bigger than she knew, she’s not as special as she thought, her companion lies whenever it suits him, and a conflict between the Hunters and Peregrines is escalating towards war.