Hunters: The Wanderers’ War Book 1, by Caity Schmidt, is now available for pre-order at Be one of the first to read this exciting fantasy adventure!

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We all know the story of the kid that goes on the magical adventure only to return with a newfound appreciation for their home. But that’s not always how the story goes, is it?

Jac Torres was swept away to Braora as a pre-teen. There things were right and just. And, although their society wasn’t perfect, people were always working to make things better.

On Braora, Jac had magic.

On Braora, Jac had a purpose.

On Braora, Jac finally felt like she had a home.

This happiness was ripped away when she returned to Earth and was told she had had a psychotic break.

Miserable for the last decade, Jac gets through her days medicated and angry. She welcomes the drugs that numb the memory of magic thrumming through her body and numb the memory of the place she called home. She counts down the days when she no longer has to see the ever-changing cast of court-appointed shrinks.

Now, if only her new therapist would stop demanding she talk about what never happened, she could stop fantasizing about breaking probation…

…And his nose.

At her lowest point, Jac risks everything and steps through a portal on the sliver of hope she might get to go back. But the map is far bigger than she knew, she’s not as special as she thought, her traveling companion is, at best, a manipulative liar, and, for some reason, people seem to want her dead.

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  1. Just finished reading this and it was awesome! I can’t wait for the next book! My favorite book I’ve read in a long time!

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